Thermal Fluid Heaters

Thermal fluid heaters are used in a broad variety of industries. Petrovision International LLC offers reliable thermal fluid heaters for different applications.

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Diathermic oil heaters Multi coil heater Multitubolar heater THERMAPAC
  • Thermal oil heaters are the ideal choice when customers require high temperatures and thermal stability.
  • It proposes two technologies:
    • multi-coil heaters
    • multi-tubular heaters
It is a multi-coil structure designed to maximize heat exchange.


  • Thermal capacity from 0,2 to 5,8 MW
  • Fuels: natural gas, LPG, diesel oil, heavy fuel oil
  • Operating temperature: up to 350°C
  • Heater body design: 4 concentric coils containing up to 7 parallel tubes
  • Vertical or horizontal configuration
OMP is supplied as a complete and assembled unit, ready to be connected to the utilities, minimizing installation works on site. The space occupied by the OMP is smaller compared to coil heaters.


  • Thermal capacity from 1,7 to 40 MW
  • Fuels: natural gas, LPG, diesel oil, heavy fuel oil, hydrogen
  • Operating temperature: up to 400°C
  • Multi-tubular design composed of convective and radiant sections
  • Integrated combustion air-preheater
Thermopac series thermic fluid/thermal oil heater is a high capacity heating system, designed for maximum efficiency, using a variety of liquid and gaseous fuels. It can fire a range of heavy oils, light oils and gases. It allows high process temperatures at low operating pressures.


  • Rugged – requires very little maintenance
  • Over-bed & under-bed fuel firing systems can be incorporated
  • Large in-bed and convective heat transfer area

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