Petrovision International LLC offers a wide range of burners. As industry leaders, we offer high quality steam boilers, boilers, boiler house products and burners.

Q series burners are designed around efficiency and operational simplicity, and meets stringent demands of flow maintenance costs. It is designed to fire liquid and gaseous fuels, the most common being furnace oil, light oil, natural gas and LPG. Throughput ranges from 200 KW to 12000 KW.

  • 1-4.5 TPH capacities – The burners are monobloc construction, with mechanical compound regulation as a standard.
  • 5 – 9 TPH capacities – The burners are in monobloc construction with electronic compound regulation or mechanical compound regulation.
  • Up to 9 TPH capacities – The combustion air fan is integral with the monobloc burner.
  • From 10 TPH to 16 TPH capacities – The burner construction is dual bloc with separate combustion air fan.