A remote telemetry unit (RTU) is an electronic device that interfaces objects in the physical world to a distributed control system or SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system by transmitting telemetry data to a master system.

Petrovision International provides its clients with RTUs from the industry leading producer- Ovarro.

Kingfisher plus RTU Kingfisher LP-3 Kingfisher Plus CP-35

Platform is capable of managing intensive SCADA and telemetry applications. Its modular construction and design allows you to match the needs of any application.

It is a low-power RTU for control, monitoring and logging

The CP-35 processor module with its 1GHz processing power, is an advanced model and is parallel with any modern remote telemetry application.

The applications of Kingfisher Plus RTU range includes,

  • Water
  • Transport
  • Power
  • Oil & Gas
  • Broadcast etc.

Data loggers

We also offer the Seprol range of Data loggers by Ovarro which provide reliable WITS-certified remote telemetry solutions for applications in the water industry. It includes three complementary devices which are ideal for demanding water applications and is cost- effective.  The products we offer include

Seprol S2000 Seprol S2000 Micro Seprol S2000 Nano
An all-in-one WITS and Native DNP3 intelligent remote telemetry unit with touch screen display and optional integrated pump controller.

A compact WITS and Native DNP3 intelligent remote telemetry unit simplifies integration based on WITS standards.

Battery operated, ultra-low power wireless WITS-based telemetry unit and data logger for remote applications.


Petrovision International offers Supervisory control and data acquisition solutions of SCOPE by the market-leading enterprise, Ovarro. SCOPE is a feature filled enterprise SCADA and telemetry solution for monitoring and controlling a wide range of assets in real-time. It collects and adds value to your asset performance data by integrating with other sources of information.

The contents included in a SCOPE system are,

Nexus Intuition Prism5 Artisan
Nexus is SCOPE’s real time data engine. It provides a highly efficient and flexible platform to scan, control and integrate real-time data from a wide range of telemetry devices. Intuition extends SCOPE’s core alarm system. It efficiently manages and tracks all reported alarms and provides a secure access to alarm notifications in real-time. The Prism5 is a graphical user interface. It presents important data clearly through dedicated or web-based applications for mobile as well as desktop devices. Artisan is SCOPE’s configuration management solution. It integrates with core SCOPE telemetry and allows managing configuration changes efficiently.

For enquiries and quotations about the products we offer, call us at: +968 2448 2137 / 2138.